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Skytap Academy

Available Courses:

Working in Skytap Cloud

Learn the basics you need to build, run, and manage virtual environments in Skytap Cloud.

Administering Skytap Cloud

Learn to create users, manage usage, and secure your Skytap Cloud account.

Mastering Skytap Cloud

Go beyond the basics to learn more about setting up advanced virtual networks and using automation tools available in your account.

Using Sharing Portals

Learn to access and use a virtual environment shared via a sharing portal access link.

Your instructor: Michele

She’ll walk you through the most important concepts and tasks.

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Use the cloud to make old apps new again

It seems many things once considered old become new again, from 80’s fashion to retro sneakers. Technology is no different. In fact, our partner IBM recently reported growth in mainframes, a market industry pundits have long claimed was nearly extinct.


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Debunking five of the most common cloud myths

In the last five years cloud computing has moved from a hyped emerging technology to a widely adopted business strategy. With this move to mainstream, several key opinions about cloud computing are taking shape.


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Top 10 considerations for modernizing traditional applications in a multi-cloud world

I’ve previously boiled down the concept of application modernization – progressively improving the older applications that businesses rely on today and well into the future – but that doesn’t mean it’s simple. In reality, modernizing your most important applications is an iterative process that takes time.


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Demystifying SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS

The technology industry is loaded with jargon. Often a result of trying to simplify complex concepts, the abbreviations, buzzwords, and blurred lines can confuse even tech veterans, let alone those new to enterprise tech.


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