Working in Skytap Cloud

This course provides an introduction to creating, accessing, and sharing virtual environments in Skytap.

Course objectives: By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Create and edit virtual environments
  • Share access to virtual environments
  • Create new templates
  • Monitor and control your usage

Things you’ll need:

If you don’t have a Skytap account, contact your administrator.

Course length

This course will take 1–2 hours to complete.

Course Overview

Each lesson has a short video and set of exercises for you to complete.

1. Getting Started

1.1 Building Your First Environment

Learn how to build virtual environments.

Video: 3½ minutes

1.2 Starting and Stopping VMs and Environments

Learn how to run, suspend, stop, and reset VMs and environments.

Video: 3 1/2 minutes

1.3 Accessing VMs with Your Browser

Learn how to access and interact with the VMs in your environment.

Video: 2½ minutes

2. Configuring VMs and Environments

2.1 Customizing VMs and Environments

Learn how to add and remove VMs from an environment. Then learn how to edit VM settings.

Video: 5½ minutes

2.2 Network Overview

Learn how automatic networks work.

Video: 3 minutes

3. Sharing and Accessing Environments

3.1 Sharing with Projects

Learn how to share environments with other users in your Skytap account.

Video: 2½ minutes

3.2 Sharing VM Access with Sharing Portals

Learn how to share environments or select VMs with users, students, or customers who do not have a Skytap account.

Video: 3½ minutes

3.3 Accessing VMs with Published Services (RDP, SSH, etc.)

Learn to set up direct access to a Skytap VM over RDP (3389), SSH (22), or another port opening. You can use this to access the VM yourself, or you can use it to share VM access with others.

Video: 2½ minutes

4. Managing Environments and Usage

4.1 Creating Templates

Learn how to make backups and templates of your environments.

Video: 2½ minutes

4.2 Using Multiple Regions

Learn how to use multiple data centers to improve your connection to your VMs.

Video: 3½ minutes

4.3 Managing Personal Metered RAM and Storage Usage

Learn how to monitor and control the amount of Metered RAM and storage you use.

Video: 3 minutes

5. Course Feedback

5.1 Share Your Thoughts

Help us improve this course by giving us your feedback.

Survey: 2 minutes

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