Mastering Skytap Cloud

This course provides advanced lessons on networking, automation, and more.

Course objectives:

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Create and connect multiple networks
  • Automate environment creation
  • Access the Skytap REST API


  • Before taking this course, take the Working in Skytap course. It covers basic information about working with Skytap virtual environments.

Course length

This course will take 30 minutes–1 hour to complete.

Course Overview

Each lesson has a short video and set of exercises for you to complete.

1. Advanced Networking

1.1 Creating Multiple Networks in an Environment

Learn how to create multiple networks within the same Skytap environment. This can be used to isolate VMs in a DMZ or classroom setup.

Video: 2 minutes

1.2 Creating Manual Networks

Learn how to replace an automatic network with a manual network that you control with your own DHCP and DNS servers.

Video: 2½ minutes

1.3 Connecting Networks Across Environments

Learn how to create network connections across your virtual environments so that your VMs can share central resources or communicate with one another.

Video: 5½ minutes

1.4 Creating VPNs (Admins)

Learn how to create a VPN connection between your Skytap account and an external network. VPNs can be used to connect your Skytap virtual networks to your on-premises network or another data center. You must be an administrator to create a VPN.

Video: 2 minutes

1.5 Connecting an Environment to a VPN

Learn how to connect a virtual environment to a VPN. VPNs allow you to connect virtual environments to outside networks, like your on-premises network or another data center.

Video: 2 minutes

2. Automating Actions

2.1 Built-in Automation Tools

Learn how to use built-in automation features to automatically create and delete environments, start and stop environments, shut down or suspend inactive environments, control the VM start and stop order within an environment, and more.

Video: 4 minutes

2.2 API Overview

Learn how to begin using v1 and v2 of our powerful REST API. Then, dig into code samples and open-source projects to start building your own automation scripts.

Video: 1½ minutes

3. Advanced VM configuration

3.1 Working with containers

Learn how to configure VMs as container hosts, and run containers side-by-side with traditional application components.

Video: 4½ minutes

3.2 Configuring VM Audio

Learn how to configure a VM to support audio input and output.

Video: 5 minutes

3.3 Using VM Audio

Learn how to use audio input and output on a configured VM.

Video: 2½ minutes

4. Course Feedback

4.1 Share Your Thoughts

Help us improve this course by giving us your feedback.

Survey: 2 minutes

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