Administering Skytap Cloud

This course provides an introduction to managing access and usage in Skytap.

Course objectives:

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Control Metered RAM and storage usage
  • Monitor account usage and activity
  • Set account-wide security policies
  • Create users, groups, and departments
  • Troubleshoot common issues


  • Before taking this course, take the Working in Skytap course. It covers basic information about working with Skytap virtual environments.

Course length

This course will take 30 minutes–1 hour to complete.

Course Overview

Each lesson has a short video and set of exercises for you to complete.

1. Managing the account

1.1 Monitoring and Controlling Account-Wide Usage

Learn how to monitor and control Metered RAM and storage usage across all of the users in your account. Includes information about setting limits, creating notifications, and running reports.

Video: 4 minutes

1.2 Custom Reporting with Labels

Learn how to generate more detailed usage reports by attaching labels to your resources.

Video: 3½ minutes

1.3 Setting Account Security Policies

Learn how to set account-wide access control and password policies.

Video: 3½ minutes

2. Creating and Assisting Users

2.1 Managing and Organizing Users

Learn when to create user accounts and how to organize users into related groups and departments.

Video: 4 minutes

2.2 Creating User Accounts

Learn how to create user accounts.

Video: 2 minutes

2.3 Troubleshooting Common User Issues

Learn how to unlock user accounts, extend limits, and troubleshoot connectivity issues.

Video: 3½ minutes

3. Course Feedback

3.1 Share Your Thoughts

Help us improve this course by giving us your feedback.

Survey: 2 minutes

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