Administering Skytap Cloud

Best viewed by: Admins and User Managers | Level: Advanced | Instructor: Michele

In this video, you’ll learn how to create user accounts.

Try it now

Create a restricted user and grant access to that user through group and project permissions:

  1. Create a restricted user account for yourself. Use your email address when creating the user.
  2. Add the user to the Manager group you created in the previous lesson.
  3. Sign out of Skytap.
  4. Check your email and activate the user account.
  5. Explore Skytap as a restricted user. The restricted user should have permission to view the training environment via the Manager group’s project permissions you set up in the last lesson.
  6. Sign out of the restricted user account.
  7. Sign back in using your administrator account. Delete the restricted user account, group, and project you created for this exercise.

For help with this exercise, see the following articles:

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