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Skytap Academy

Available Courses:

Working in Skytap Cloud

Learn the basics you need to build, run, and manage virtual environments in Skytap Cloud.

Administering Skytap Cloud

Learn to create users, manage usage, and secure your Skytap Cloud account.

Mastering Skytap Cloud

Go beyond the basics to learn more about setting up advanced virtual networks and using automation tools available in your account.

Using Sharing Portals

Learn to access and use a virtual environment shared via a sharing portal access link.

Your instructor: Michele

She’ll walk you through the most important concepts and tasks.

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Demystifying SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS

The technology industry is loaded with jargon. Often a result of trying to simplify complex concepts, the abbreviations, buzzwords, and blurred lines can confuse even tech veterans, let alone those new to enterprise tech.


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Modernizing a traditional IVR application from Blueworx

Last week I had the opportunity to jump on the phone with Dean Upton, Director at Blueworx. During our discussion we chatted about the evolution of IVR, the challenges of modernizing a traditional application and the opportunity ahead now that modernization is underway in Skytap Cloud.


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Modernize legacy applications in the cloud

Cloud is a core component of modern business agility. Cloud delivers agility, flexibility, and scale for the development and operations of both new, cloud-native applications, and the traditional applications that enterprises depend on to run their businesses.


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Successful modernization is progressive and multi-faceted

Every week there’s a new cloud service or product, which the industry immediately classifies using a set of overly-simplistic labels — public, private, hybrid, and so on. The jargon takes center stage, while the actual value of the technology is obscured and left unclear to the business and IT leaders who need to understand it most.


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