Mastering Skytap Cloud

Best viewed by: Advanced Users and Admins | Level: Intermediate | Instructor: Michele

In this video, you’ll learn how to begin using v1 and v2 of our powerful REST API. You can then dig into code samples and open-source projects to start building your own automation scripts.

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This lesson assumes that you’re familiar with basic REST API requests and responses. If you’ve never used a REST API before, check out a tutorial before starting these exercises (–net-16340).

  1. Locate your API token on the My Account page (

    If API tokens are not enabled in your account, an administrator can enable them using the instructions at Setting Access Policies.

  2. Use a browser-based API client (like Postman) to make a few sample API calls. For example, to view a list of environments that you own, make a GET request to Remember to include a Basic Authentication header and an Accept header (see our API Quick Start Guide for guidance).

For help with this exercise, see the following articles:

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